Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favorite Moments of 2016: PART TWO

2016 has definitely been quite the year! Rounding up my favorite moments for this blog has really been a lot of fun. It was pretty easy though considering this year held so many special moments. I really dont know if 2017 will even come close. haha If you missed part one you can check it out here.

Here is Part Two of my Top Moments of 2016

4.) Bachelorette Party In Scottsdale, Arizona | June 2016

This year I got to experience one of my favorite things: A girls trip!! I had my Bachelorette Party this year in Scottsdale, Arizona and it was one of my favorite weekends ever. We stayed at the Saguaro Hotel which was so cute and colorful and really went well with the whole Bachelorette theme. I went in June so it was hot as heck there… we’re talking well over 100 degrees, but we managed to stay in the pool or stay inside most of the time. I really had the best time. Being surrounded by my best girlfriends for a weekend of fun is one of the greatest feelings. These girls were by my side while I was single, and there for me on my last hoo-rah before I got married. I remember feeling so blessed and happy that weekend.  

3.) Best Friend's Cabo Wedding | June 2016

This year I got the honor and privilege of being Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding. She got married in Cabo, Mexico and the resort she picked was absolutely stunning. I LOVE a destination wedding. You’re basically on vacation with all your good friends, and how often does that ever happen in real life? We had so much fun and made the best memories all week. One of my favorite moments was when they had a lantern release on the beach at the end of the wedding. Talk about a special moment.

2.) Honeymooning in the Dominican Republic | July 2016

Will and I decided to have our honeymoon in Punta Cana in the Domincan Republic. When it came to our honeymoon we both agreed we wanted tropical, beaches and relaxation. Punta Cana is somewhere neither of us had been so it was perfect since it was a new place we could experience together. We went snorkeling, parasailing and boating and also spent the days laying out at the pool or on the beach. After working so hard on our wedding there was no better feeling than being on a beautiful vacation right after without a single worry.

1.) Getting Married! | July 2016

Will and I married on July 23 and it was by far the happiest day of my life. Brides aren't lying when they say the day will fly by. I knew this going into the day and I tried to take in every single moment. But still it flew by!  If I could relive our wedding day over and over again I totally would. I can't even express into words how much love and happiness I felt on this day. I loved every minute of it, from waking up and all my bridesmaids arriving to my room to start getting ready together in the morning, to walking back to our hotel room with my new husband, leftover wedding cake in hand. It was like a beautiful and perfect dream.
6 months have passed and I still cant stop looking at our wedding photos and playing the day back in my mind. I loved seeing our vision come together in all the colors and decor. And I loved seeing all our friends and family we love so much sharing the day and celebrating with us.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Favorite Moments of 2016 - PART ONE

I can't believe we are coming to the end of the year! 2016 was a very special year for me. It was the year I got married!! Even though people on social media seem to hate on 2016 because of all the celebrity deaths, Trump as President, etc... 2016 will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Here is Part One of my Top Moments of 2016

10.) Getting Back Into Fitness

Since there's no bigger motivation than prepping to fit into your wedding dress, 2016 really had me stepping up my workout game. I joined ClassPass, which is a membership that costs around $115 a month for 10 classes to any fitness studios that accepts it. I tried out so many fun new studios and got into working out more than ever. I tried spin classes, pilates, yoga, boxing, dance, you name it! It opened my eyes to a whole new fitness world out there that I may have never known about if it was for a) my wedding this year and b) Classpass!

9.)  My 31st Birthday! | January 2016

Thirty-one isn't a very exciting birthday after the big 3-0. But I still had a great birthday this year celebrating with close friends and going bowling! It was a great turnout and I think everyone had a nice time doing something a little different. I still don’t feel 31. When someone asks me my age I really have to think hard to come up with 31. Haha  In my mind, I’m still 30.  

8.) Disneyland Visits 

I got the joy of visiting Disneyland twice this year! Once in January with Will’s family, and again in August with Will and our two good friends.  I didn’t really love or care about Disney as much until I started dating Will. But he’s really opened my eyes to how much fun Disneyland is. Even though I’ve gone on all the rides numerous times, it’s still just as exciting and magical every time. To me, no matter how old I get, being there takes me back to my childhood and how much I loved Disney movies and the characters.  This year was extra special since Disneyland was still celebrating their 60th Year Anniversary!

7.) First Time To Cabo! | May 2016

I've been to Cancun years ago but never Cabo so I was very excited to go this May. We went for my best friend's 30th birthday and it was simply perfect. We stayed at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos and it was my first time staying at an all inclusive resort. Let me tell you... LIFE. CHANGING. I just couldn't get over that all the food and drinks were "free!" ...except for tipping of course. It was just the four of us and we ate, drank, relaxed and even went jet skiing. Olivia and I lasted about 5 minutes jet skiing because we were so scared out on the water. #notourthing So we happily had the boys drive us back to shore and hung out at the bar on the sand and took more tequila shots. Vamos a la playa!

6.) Planning Our Wedding

When I think back on all the wedding planning we did in 2016 I can't help but smile. I really loved every single part of it. Yes it was stressful...yes there were frustrating moments when it came to budgeting...but I still feel so happy when I think back on the cake tasting, venue visits, meeting with the florist, shopping for decor...etc
It was an experience we'll never get again and it was so special and so much fun. I feel very lucky because Will was a very involved groom. And that really worked for us. Having his input and working with him on every single idea made every last detail that much more special. I remember my friend Shila told me right before we went in to our very first cake tasting "take in this moment. Try to remember every single thing you can when it comes to planning your weddingAnd she was so right. 

5.) My Bridal Shower | May 2016

My Matron of Honor, Olivia, threw me a beautiful Bridal Shower in May. The theme was "Sex and the City" and she really nailed the decor. Every detail was so cute and well thought out. I felt so special that day... being surrounded by my best friends and family. And all the decorations just blew me away. I've attended a few Bridal Showers myself, and I remember that whole day just felt very surreal. Like I couldnt believe it was an actual Bridal Shower party for ME. haha 

Check back on the blog for Part 2 of my favorite moments. What was your favorite memory of 2016? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December Favorites


This is my first ever "favorites" post so bear with me.
But I did want to share with you some of my favorite things/products/etc from December.

Favorite Makeup:
Sephora Bronzer: I use color Fiji
I've always used either Nars or Benefit's Hoola for my bronzer but I decided to try something new when a friend suggested this bronzer from the Sephora Collection. And I must say, I LOVE it. It's affordable, it isnt too shimmery and it's a very subtle bronzer which I like.

Marc Jacobs Blush: I use color 506 Flesh & Fantasy
This blush is the perfect shade of pink. It's subtle and gives you that perfect winter flush. This was my first ever Marc Jacobs makeup purchase and I'm not gonna lie, the product is worth the price.

Favorite Recipes:
Skinny Taste's chicken enchiladas:
All year long I have LOVED so many of Skinny Taste's recipes. I would say about 90% of the new recipes I tried this year were all from her website. I'm planning to pick up her new cookbook soon and try recipes from there. My absolute favorite so far have been her chicken enchiladas. So easy and so yummy! I always buy an already made rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and make Will shred the chicken for me. Then the rest is easy! Helpful tip: put less of the chipotle chilies in adobe sauce that it calls for. They come out SUPER spicy.

Favorite Hair Product
Dry Shampoo: J Beverly Hills
I'm always on the hunt for a really good dry shampoo. For some reason I just can't seem to find one that does what it's supposed to do. My roots always end up being flat and stickier after using dry shampoo. Or maybe it'll work for 10 minutes but after that it's just back to oily roots. Luckily a friend gave me this one as a Christmas gift and I am loving it! It takes the oil out of my roots and gives me really good volume that lasts throughout the day.

Favorite Drink
Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino:
I don't drink frappuccino's that often because I know they are a pretty fattening drink, but I did treat myself to a peppermint mocha this December since it was the holidays. haha And oh my gosh, it tasted like Christmas in a cup! This definitely became my favorite drink of December. With every sip, I felt the Christmas spirit.

Favorite Skin Care
Ole Henriksen's Power Bright 3 step Professional Brightening System
This was one of my favorite purchases of the year. I bought this right before my wedding to really brighten up my skin. It's a 3 step process that leaves your skin feeling SO soft afterwards. My skin looked brighter and glowed after using this. Here's a little tip: each pod has a lot of product in it, you can use the pods twice instead of just once. I closed the plastic lid back over the pod and taped it shut so it wouldn't dry up, then used it again a few days later. You can get more for your money this way!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
I cannot believe the holidays are here! This year I am spending Christmas in Los Angeles for the first time in 8 years!! Every year I've always traveled home for the holidays so I'm very excited to host Christmas this year with the hubby and stay in LA.
My parents arrived two nights ago and it's so nice to have them here.

I'm also sharing on the blog our Christmas tree this year AND our Christmas card via Vista Print. You can't NOT use a wedding photo for your first Christmas as a married couple. We love how it turned out.

I tried decorating the tree with ribbon this year and I was pleasantly surprised by how cute the tree turned out. I'm sure there's more technical ways to decorate with ribbon but I used a technique of cutting shorter pieces and tucking the ends into the tree to make it look like it was weaved in and out.

I hope you all have a lovely Holiday weekend! xoxo

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Santa's Village In California

Happy Sunday everyone! Will and I went to Lake Arrowhead Friday night to meet up with our good friends Ben and Olivia and their son Hudson for the weekend. Lake Arrowhead is only about an hour in a half away from Los Angeles with no traffic, unfortunately Will and I hit traffic on our way there and it took about 4 hours. Ugh!
When we arrived it was about 30 degrees, windy and freezing out! Omgosh I had not felt that kind of cold in a long time.
We stayed at the very nice Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa and Saturday we had tickets to spend the day at the newly re-opened Sky Park at Santa's Village. This is the cutest little Santa/Winter Wonderland park I have ever seen. The staff were dressed like elves, they had Santa and Mrs. Clause there all day for pictures and a bunch of different cute Christmas shops.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Welcome To My Blog!

Hello readers!
Welcome to my NEW blog! I had a different blog for years but I just launched this new site and I'm very excited to get back into blogging on a regular basis!

My hopes for this site is to bring my readers the latest news on fashion, food, lifestyle and my personal fav: pop culture!
But this will also be a personal blog for me where I just talk about my life and any daily thoughts I may have. 
Keep checking back for more posts and a new layout!

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