Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favorite Moments of 2016: PART TWO

2016 has definitely been quite the year! Rounding up my favorite moments for this blog has really been a lot of fun. It was pretty easy though considering this year held so many special moments. I really dont know if 2017 will even come close. haha If you missed part one you can check it out here.

Here is Part Two of my Top Moments of 2016

4.) Bachelorette Party In Scottsdale, Arizona | June 2016

This year I got to experience one of my favorite things: A girls trip!! I had my Bachelorette Party this year in Scottsdale, Arizona and it was one of my favorite weekends ever. We stayed at the Saguaro Hotel which was so cute and colorful and really went well with the whole Bachelorette theme. I went in June so it was hot as heck there… we’re talking well over 100 degrees, but we managed to stay in the pool or stay inside most of the time. I really had the best time. Being surrounded by my best girlfriends for a weekend of fun is one of the greatest feelings. These girls were by my side while I was single, and there for me on my last hoo-rah before I got married. I remember feeling so blessed and happy that weekend.  

3.) Best Friend's Cabo Wedding | June 2016

This year I got the honor and privilege of being Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding. She got married in Cabo, Mexico and the resort she picked was absolutely stunning. I LOVE a destination wedding. You’re basically on vacation with all your good friends, and how often does that ever happen in real life? We had so much fun and made the best memories all week. One of my favorite moments was when they had a lantern release on the beach at the end of the wedding. Talk about a special moment.

2.) Honeymooning in the Dominican Republic | July 2016

Will and I decided to have our honeymoon in Punta Cana in the Domincan Republic. When it came to our honeymoon we both agreed we wanted tropical, beaches and relaxation. Punta Cana is somewhere neither of us had been so it was perfect since it was a new place we could experience together. We went snorkeling, parasailing and boating and also spent the days laying out at the pool or on the beach. After working so hard on our wedding there was no better feeling than being on a beautiful vacation right after without a single worry.

1.) Getting Married! | July 2016

Will and I married on July 23 and it was by far the happiest day of my life. Brides aren't lying when they say the day will fly by. I knew this going into the day and I tried to take in every single moment. But still it flew by!  If I could relive our wedding day over and over again I totally would. I can't even express into words how much love and happiness I felt on this day. I loved every minute of it, from waking up and all my bridesmaids arriving to my room to start getting ready together in the morning, to walking back to our hotel room with my new husband, leftover wedding cake in hand. It was like a beautiful and perfect dream.
6 months have passed and I still cant stop looking at our wedding photos and playing the day back in my mind. I loved seeing our vision come together in all the colors and decor. And I loved seeing all our friends and family we love so much sharing the day and celebrating with us.

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