Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekly Diary

Happy Monday!!
Okay I'm trying out a new series so tell me what you think and if you find it entertaining. I'm personally obsessed with Refinery 29's Money Diaries. I love reading about random people from all over the world's weekly routines. And as I was reading one the other night I thought it would be kind of fun to log the events of my day and post a full weekly recap every Monday on my blog! Here is the first one. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

6:45am - Alarm goes off and I snooze it until 7:05. I don't have to wash my hair this morning so woo-hoo! Extra 15 mins of sleep...even thought I really shouldn't.

7:45am - Throwing my coffee, breakfast and snacks together really quickly. I should be out the door no later than 7:45 to make it to work right at 8...but here I am... still rushing around.

8:10am - plop down at my desk and begin sorting through emails and my To-Do List

11:55am - Can't wait any longer, grab my purse and head out for lunch. Today I am picking up my mom to have lunch with her at Raisin Canes! I know...not the healthiest but it's my mom's favorite and I seriously haven't eaten there in probably almost a year.

1:00pm - Back at the office and finish out my work day

5:00pm - Finally 5 o'clock! The last part of the day dragggggged. I leave the office and head to Babies R Us to pick up a baby shower gift for my coworkers party tomorrow. I got the baby sweatpants, baby wipes and pacifiers. All from the registry. Gah nothing gives me more baby fever than seeing baby clothes. I want one sooo bad. :)

7:00pm - Back at home and Will and I have pita pizzas cooking in the oven for dinner. Seriously this is one of our favorite meals. You just can't go wrong. 

9:00pm  - In bed browsing my favorite blogs, watching Taylor Swift's new music video for "Ready for It" (umm she looks amazing in this video!! Love it) and doing some blogging of my own.

10:30pm - Fall asleep watching Instagram stories 

6:50am Alarm went off but I snoozed twice. Today is a wash my hair morning so I'm definitely running late getting in the shower at this time.

7:53am - Out the door with coffee and breakfast and lunch packed. Breakfast this morning is two hard boiled eggs.

3:00pm We are having a baby shower for a co-worker. Everyone meets in the conference room and we have snacks, drinks and she opens gifts. Perfect way to end a Friday workday.

5:00pm Go over to my parents and they end up inviting Will and I out for dinner. Will is down so we all head to Steak N Shake.

7:30pm - Back home and helping Will pack for his trip.

10:30pm I pass out butWill ends up tossing and turning all night and doesn't fall asleep until after 2am :(

7:00am - Up way too early for a Saturday morning but I'm getting my blood drawn this morning for my annual physical and I need to be there by 7:45!

8:40am - Back home to pick up Will and we rush to the Squeeze In to meet a couple friends for breakfast. I'm so excited! At breakfast this morning there's 12 of us and we reserved a HUGE table and it's just so wonderful seeing all our close friends

10:30am - I take Will to the airport. So sad. He's leaving for 10 days to go to a mutual friend's wedding in Belize!! I'm not going because I thought I'd be pregnant by now and you know...Zika. Turns out I'm not but it's okay... too late now :-/

3:30pm- Back home. I spent alllll afternoon window shopping at the mall. I love getting to take my time and walk up and down every aisle at Target and see all the cute home decor and beauty products they have. I picked these up. I couldn't resist. I also went to Express, The Gap and Bath and Body Works. I bought this candle and oh my goodness. It's a new favorite. It smells amazing!

5:00pm - arrive at my friend Shayda's party. She just got married a few weeks ago and her mom wanted to throw a big party for some close friends and family that didn't make the wedding. I have a great time and end up staying till about 8:30pm

9:00pm For some reason with Will gone I really want to try to relax and take a bath. I've NEVER liked baths.... but something about the idea of a bath tonight just feels right. I take one, last about 15 minutes and I'm out. I got too hot. lol

10:30pm So relaxed I fall asleep in no time

10:00am - finally wake up. I woke up at 8 but fell back asleep and slept in until 10. It feels sooooo nice to get to sleep in.

1:00pm I signed up for a free Pilates demo class this afternoon at a studio near our apartment. The class is 40 mins and I'm hooked. I sign up for an 8 class package. I'm so stoked to start getting into pilates on the regular.

3:00pm I started a new show my friends Alicia and Eddie told me is hilarious- Schitt's Creek. I binge watch almost the whole season. It's so funny and I'm obsessed with all the characters. Love it.

8:00pm I take another bath. Im determined to become a bath person dammit! lol This time I last about 20 mins. Still get too hot. I start the podcast Dirty John. It's too soon to say how I feel about it. But it's #1 on the podcast charts right now so I gotta give it a chance.

11:00pm - Watch more episodes of Schitt's Creek and fall asleep.

And that's my week!! Since I started on Thursday it's a short one. I'll keep this going for awhile and see how it goes. 
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 6, 2017

T.G.I.F. 10.6.17

Hi everyone!

This week was a tough week because of the tragic events that happened in Las Vegas. I am in complete shock and saddened that someone could do something like this.
This morning on my drive to work it felt like a usual morning, but on the radio they were telling stories of the people who were shot at the concert and survived and my heart broke all over again.  The stories were really touching and reminded me of all the good people in this world and how we can come together and be there for a stranger in need. This week I thank God for his blessings and I pray for everyone that lost a loved one Sunday night or had to be there and witness something so horrific.

Tonight Will and I are driving up to Northern California for my friend's wedding. It's in Mendoncio, CA and I am very excited to celebrate her marriage and see all my closest friends from high school. I hope you have a great weekend!


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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Organizing For Fall

Happy October 1st!!!
Is there anything better than the first of the month falling on a Sunday so you can totally prep for not only a new month, but a new season as well??
Don't mind the pictures of my closet but I really wanted to show you a real example of how I organize my closet so hopefully it can inspire or help you with your own! Maybe one day I'll have one of those cute walk-in closets but until then this is my reality.

I'm so excited that October is finally here and I am back living in Reno where you can actually feel ALL four seasons. There is a chill in the air, the leaves are orange and yellow, and Starbucks is serving their famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Anyway.... here are a few tips on how to organize your closet for when the colder weather starts to kick in.

1.) Organize your clothes by type
Most of my clothes are hanging so I like to keep the same type of shirts or blouses together so they are easy to find and I don't get overwhelmed when searching for an outfit. Figuring out what to wear is already hard enough, might as well have a cleaner closet to make the process a little easier. I put all casual t-shirts together, work/blouses together, casual long sleeve shirts together, any sort of cardigan or open sweaters together, and all plaid and button up shirts together just to name a few of the different categories I organize by.

2.) Put away summer clothes
Mostly likely as Fall and Winter approaches you won't be reaching for your shorts and tank tops. To make more room in your closet for jackets and bulky sweaters, I suggest pulling out all your summer clothes and folding them and putting them away in a separate dresser drawer. **Tip: While you are pulling out your summer wardrobe, fell free to toss aside the clothes you didn't even touch this summer and put them in their own pile to donate. If you didn't touch them this year, doubtful you will reach for them a year from now.

3.) Pack away the flip flops and sandals
Same goes for shoes! Bring forward your boots, booties and tennis shoes and push those flip flops to the back of your closet. It's helpful to tuck away your summer shoes so they don't get in the way or what you'll actually be wearing.

4.) Don't be afraid to install your own storage
When my husband and I moved into our apartment we noticed right away that both our closets and our linen closet didn't have any shelving. I bought these hanging shelves from Amazon and they worked out perfectly. If you're finding it hard to have all the room you need in your closet, these shelves can give you extra space for clothes  I organize mine by skirts, shorts, workout sweaters, leggings and jeans.

Hope these quick and easy tips help you with your own organizing. Have a great week!


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