Monday, January 1, 2018

It's NYE!!!!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!

Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018!!

This year I'm really excited for NYE because we are dressing up and going out! (last few years we've gone to house parties which have been great! Just excited to be out on the town this year.)

Will and I flew to Arizona early Saturday morning to spend the weekend with our good friends Olivia and Ben. Any time we are together, it's guaranteed to be a great time.

As we got ready to go out this year, Olivia, Ben and I were reminiscing about all the NYEs we've spent together. One in particular stands out because even though we had gone out with a big group, when midnight hit it was just the three of us on the dance floor together. (I was always the third wheel with them but they never made me feel like it. lol It was wonderful.) When it struck midnight we hugged and kissed and wished each other a Happy New Year and of course in "single girl" fashion I started to tear up because I was (wah!) alone. Olivia and Ben immediately cheered me up and told me not to be sad and we left the party together and went home and had a blast just the three of us eating Del Taco and making drinks. They were my absolute rock during the single days. <3

Now I'm married and have a wonderful husband to kiss at midnight and it truly makes me feel at peace and happy. I dreamed of having my forever midnight kiss and I still can't get over that Will finally came into my life.

Well, whether you're dressed up and out on the town ringing in the New Year or at home cozy on your couch.... I wish you the happiest 2018!

Cheers xoxo

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