Friday, May 4, 2018

Waiting For Your 7 Week Pregnancy Appointment

I'm sure any mamas out there will tell you how hard the first 7 weeks of pregnancy is. At least it was for me. And only because I was SO anxious to go to the doctor and make sure baby was alive and well.
It's so exciting when you find out you're pregnant! You read the positive pregnancy test, you go and do the blood work, and the doctor calls you to confirm: "Yup! You sure are pregnant!"
But then you have to wait 7 WEEKS (usually) to go see your doctor and have an ultrasound done.

My best advice during this waiting period is to keep yourself VERY distracted. Because even when you're distracted, you're still going to be thinking of that new baby in your belly.
I was lucky enough to go visit my best friend Emily the weekend before my doctor's appointment. And that helped SO much. If I was sitting at home all weekend leading up to that appointment I would have gone crazy. Surrounding yourself with friends or family, or doing any sort of activity to take your mind off of waiting is great.
Go see a movie! Make brunch, lunch and dinner plans! Anything will help.

I remember googling "waiting for your 7 week appointment is so hard."  or something like that, and I felt so much relief reading forums of other pregnant women having the same feelings I was. It's not always a good idea to turn to the internet and google questions you may have, but in this case it really helped!

When Will and I finally got to go to the doctor at 7 weeks I was so nervous and SO excited. It all became real when the doctor did the ultrasound and we looked up at the little white dot of a baby on the screen and knew so far he/she was healthy.

If you happen to be a first time mom reading this and you are going through the same waiting period all I can say is don't worry! All those fears, thoughts and anxiousness is completely normal.

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