Friday, August 24, 2018

My Everyday Make Up Essentials

Hi everyone!
I thought it'd be fun to do a post about my favorite makeup essentials right now.
I'm not a huge makeup guru or anything but I do apply a full face of makeup every day so I feel I've at least got the basics down.

Here's my step by step guide of how I apply my makeup every day and the products I use.

Moisturizer: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel : I just started using this a few months ago because my skin has been SUPER dry from pregnancy and  my current moisturizer wasn't cutting it anymore. This has a gel-like formula and it goes on so smooth. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky when I put it on and it's really made my skin less dry. It's an affordable option for a good moisturizer!

Primer: Mac Prep N Prime: this primer does a great job for me of helping hide my acne scars and gives me a smooth coverage once I apply my foundation.

Foundation: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation and Loreal Infallible Pro Glow I mix these two foundations together. I do about a drop of each then swirl it around to mix the colors. I feel the IT Cosmetics foundation has really good coverage and still gives me a bit of a dewy look, but it goes on a little sticky. The Loreal helps the foundation go on more smoothly and I just really like the way foundation feels when I mix the two. This IT Cosmetics foundation has an SPF of 50 which I love during the summer months.

Bronzer: Benefit's Hoola Matte Bronzer in Natural Bronze: This has been my favorite bronzer FOR-EV-ER. I put it along my hairline on my forehead and along my cheekbones and blend it all in really good. This color makes you look bronzed really gives your face some life!

Blush:. Nars-Orgasm My all time favorite blush. It looks so pretty in the summer months and the pigment and application goes on flawlessy!

Eye-shadow: I switch up my eye-shadows every single day. These are my top 3 right now.
Urban Decay Beached Palette
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
I always start with a neutral, light and tan color and take a big eye-shadow brush and blend that over my whole eyelid
Then I take a light to medium brown shade and fill in the crease of my eyelid. Then I take a sparkly brown-ish shade in any of these palettes and put that right on my lid. Then blend blend blend!

Mascara: L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara:  this has been my favorite mascara for years. I stopped using it for awhile and switched to Better Than Sex which I also love. This mascara gives you
volume, length and lasts all day.

Lips: Fenty Beauty By Rihanna; Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Illuminzer : this gloss is SO gorg! And it's not sticky on your lips which I love. It gives you a natural color gloss to your lips that lasts for hours.

And that's my everyday makeup look! I'll film a video tutorial on my youtube page soon!


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