Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Last 2 Weeks Before Baby's Due Date

I cannot believe I'm two weeks away from baby girl's due date!! She is due October 2nd.

October 2nd: the date I've been wishing and thinking about for the last 9 months. I feel pregnancy feels exactly like 9 months. It didnt feel too long but it also didnt fly by like many said it would. I think back to January when I first found out I was pregnant and I went to the spa with friends, and it feels like forever ago! I just can't believe I'm at the end of this pregnancy journey.

Compared to most I had a very easy pregnancy. I never had morning sickness, I remember feeling nauseated only once, and I never got super tired. My first trimester I felt pretty normal. The only thing that felt different about my body were my boobs. They felt so heavy, not sore, just heavier. Second trimester wasn't too bad at all either. I was starting to get a baby bump and I found myself getting out of breath a lot easier. I needed to buy a pregnancy pillow by the second trimester to help with sleeping. Oh and the dreams second trimester! I had so many vivid dreams, it was unreal.

I remember it was 30 weeks exactly, I met up with my friend Shila at the movies to see Mamma Mia 2. I work really close to the movie theater so I walked there. And by the time I got to the movie theater I knew something in my body had changed. I felt baby drop because all of a sudden I was walking funny and I could just feel her more down there.
I even wrote a post in my Facebook Mommy group and asked why all of a sudden I felt this weird pressure. And immediately women I did not know started replying with how they felt the same thing, and it was just the baby dropping and not to worry.

If I could give all moms-to-be one tip it would be to join a Facebook Mommy group. None of your actual Facebook friends see your posts or activity within the group, and you can easily reach out to other women who are pregnant at the same time as you, due the same month as you, and ask any questions you may have. It helped ease my worries the whole pregnancy to read that whatever I was going through was normal and many other women were going through the same thing.

My third trimester is when things really got uncomfortable. I never really got a HUGE belly.
I mean, I had a baby bump, don't get me wrong, but I would say my baby bump was more on the smaller side. But even being smaller, I was still so uncomfortable the third trimester. I could only sleep on my side, so any time I needed to roll over to my other side the pain was so bad. My hips were shot! And I soon realized pregnant women don't waddle around because of their bigger bellies, they waddle around because the baby is pushing down on their vajay making it very uncomfortable to walk.

I don't have a specific date or memory from the first time I felt baby girl move. Being a first time mom, I didn't really know what I was feeling for. I kept getting this gas bubble feeling and it wasn't until like 2 weeks or so from feeling that, that I realized, "Wait...that might not be gas bubbles. That could actually be the baby moving." So once I realized that, I felt her all the time! And it was so magical and so special.
At 24 weeks I actually saw her move my belly with her kicks. I was laying in bed and could feel her moving around. So I looked at my stomach and sure enough, my stomach started moving! Oh my gosh....talk about surreal. I showed Will and he even saw it too.
I never want to forget how special it was to feel her moving around and I would just stare at my belly and see her moving around. I would play music for her. Mostly Taylor Swift songs at first, then I started to play Disney songs. Little Mermaid's "Part Of This World" was my favorite song to play for her. I hope she likes the music I chose.

Baby girl has just been so easy this pregnancy, I hope it's a hint of what she'll be like once she's born. I can't wait to meet her and I can't even imagine what she will look like. I love her so much already and I haven't even seen her yet.
I have a feeling she is going to come a week late. I don't see her coming early. She seems pretty comfortable in my belly.

We are moving into a new house in a week. So if she could hold off for us to move in, that would be really nice. But I know it's up to her and I just can't wait!

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