Sunday, September 16, 2018

My Maternity Shoot (PHOTOS)

I am so excited to share our maternity photos with you today.

 If you are expecting and debating doing these, I definitely say go for it! I received these photos and even though they turned out so beautiful, I will admit, I didn't love the way I looked in a lot of these. But I'm pregnant! Obviously I'm going to be bigger and swollen and not perfect.  I'm just trying to embrace it and not be so critical of myself. I know looking backing I will love seeing my belly and how I looked. 
I took these photos at 36 weeks pregnant. I was nervous cutting it so close, but it all worked out! Baby girl did not come early and I was able to capture these moments fully pregnant. haha

Will and I drove up to Donner Lake to meet his cousin who is a photographer to take these photos. I had two looks for the day. The pink dress with the flower crown and the white dress. I loved the white look a lot once we got the photos back. It's surreal to see how big my belly is and to know our little baby girl is growing in there. It really is such a blessing and I dont take it for granted for a minute.

These water photos were my favorite photos to take. I felt like such a model posing in such harsh conditions. hahaha jk
But really, I couldnt believe I actually got in the lake! It was freezing!! But I wanted something unique and special for our photos and this seemed like a cool idea. And I LOVE the way they turned out.

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