Monday, April 1, 2019

Baby Products I Loved (First 6 Months)

Now that I have 6 months of being a mom under my belt, I feel I can discuss what baby products worked for me and things that I loved! As a first time mom, you have NO idea what things you will actually need and use (and I know that every baby can be different) but these products below are items that I used a TON and really felt were necessary with a newborn baby.

1. Boppy Lounger: I feel this is a #1 necessity with a newborn. We LOVED this for Ryenn and still use it now. This baby pillow is the perfect lounger for your baby to lay and hang out on. We would place Ryenn on this thing on our couch or our bed and she would just hang out while we sat with her and watched tv. I dont even know what else we would put our baby in when we werent holding her if it wasnt for this Boppy. It's easy to carry around if you are going over to family or friends' house and want something for the baby to lay on.

2. Dock-A-Tot: I love love LOVE our Dock-o-Tot. This is probably controversial but Ryenn has slept in her Dock-o-Tot every night since she was born. We put the Dock-o-Tot in bed with us and she slept in between us and she loved it. I like it because it's like a little cocoon that she stays safe and snug in, but she's still laying flat on her back, which is recommended for baby sleeping. We also brought the Dock-o-Tot when we traveled to my in-laws and she could just sleep next to me in any bed. Of course sleeping decisions are entirely up to you, I'm just letting you know what worked for us.

3. Bottle Warmer: I received a lot of advice on the bottle warmer and pros and cons of using one. A lot of moms warned me that if your baby gets too used to a warm bottle, they won't drink their milk when it's cold or room temperature which can make it difficult when you are not home. But even before I started using the bottle warmer, Ryenn preferred a very warm bottle. When you're nursing, the milk comes out warm, so I don't think it's that big of a deal that your baby expects warm milk. Our first method was to place the bottle in a cup of hot water to warm it up. But sometimes that took forever so I finally took the bottle warmer out and tried it out. And I LOVED it! You can warm up the bottle in just a few minutes and you aren't wasting water by running hot water over your cold bottle. It's very simple to use and I love how fast it works. A 6 oz bottle warms up in 4 minutes!

4. Bathtub: I started out with this bathtub when Ryenn was first born. And while it worked perfectly when she was very little and we'd give her baths in the sink, once Ryenn got bigger and started splashing around more, I felt this tub worked out a lot better.  There's a little insert that goes in when baby is very young and cant really lay in a big tub of water safely. And then you take the insert out once she gets bigger, and it's a perfect size tub for her to grow into. I loved this tub because it fit in our kitchen sink nicely and also in our actual bathtub.

5. Bouncer: Ryenn hated this for probably the first 3 months and we almost returned it to the store. Luckily we didn't because by month 4 she was totally into it. It became routine to place her in this bouncer every night by the dinner table while we ate. This bouncer is light enough to move around the house wherever you might need it. You can have it in the kitchen while you cook, in the bathroom while you shower.... etc. There's little straps and a buckle to hold her in place so she can't slide out. This is essential to have so you can get stuff done around the house and your baby has somewhere to hang out in.

6. Nose Frida: Ryenn got her first cold and cough about 2 weeks into daycare. We had suspected this would happen and we tried to mentally prepare for it beforehand. Seeing your little baby sick was so sad and no fun whatsoever. She was so stuffed up and obviously babies can't blow their own little noses yet so that's where the Nose Frida comes in. It's a totally gross concept, but it really is a genius product. You basically suck the snot out of your baby's nose! One end goes in her nostril, and the other end goes in your mouth and you inhale the best you can to pull the snot out. Don't worry, there's a filter in the tube so you shouldn't come in any contact with the boogers. We would drop a few saline drops in her nose, let that sit for a bit, then do the Nose Frida. I mostly made my husband do it because Ryenn would cry her eyes out when it happened. It's kind of hard to watch. It broke my heart. But as soon as he was done, she was fine and less stuffed up. Not all babies react this way, but be prepared, your baby may act like it's the worst thing that's ever happened to her.

What are some of your favorites that I missed? Leave a comment below!


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