Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sleep Training Update Nights 1 through 5 (Thursday-Tuesday)

Ryenn Rose: 6 1/2 Months old right before bedtime

We are almost a week into sleep training and I wanted to let my readers know how it all went.
We started last Thursday night as planned.
She has a later bedtime than most babies so I started her nighttime routine at about 8:15pm

I gave her a bath, put on a fresh diaper with diaper cream, put lotion on her body and put her in her pajamas. Then we went into her nursery and I sat with her in the rocking chair and read her a book. I read to her for about 10 minutes.
Then I got up, turned on the white noise sound machine, gave her her pacifier and laid her down in the dock-a-tot in her crib. I turned out the lights so only a very dim night-light was on, and I told her goodnight and walked out and closed the door.

I waited anxiously for the crying to begin. And by some miracle of miracles, she did not cry. I watched her in the baby monitor and she laid there for a few minutes then fell asleep.

This is not normal for most babies, I know. Usually from what I hear you can expect them to cry right as you lay them down and leave the room. Then the countdown should begin. It's recommended you wait 2-3 minutes the first round. I had decided my minute countdown would be every 2, 4 6, then 10 minutes max.

But Ryenn did not cry right away. She fell asleep. I was in shock! The only reason I can think she didn't fuss this first night was because she's used to being put in her crib to sleep for naps at daycare and she's used to being put in her dock-o-tot at night when it's officially bedtime. So being in her nursery in her crib did not phase her, I guess.

Ryenn only woke up once this first night. Around 4am she woke up and cried so I waited the 2 minutes, went in her room and gave her her paci, and she fell right back asleep.
Night 2 was about the same. She fell asleep with no fuss and woke up twice in the night. Even waiting for 2 minutes while she cried was really hard. But I would go in there, give her her paci and she would fall back asleep. I didnt have to go longer than 2 minutes until night 4. On the 4th night she woke up around 3am and would not fall back asleep. The first time I went in her room I was in her room for 15 minutes trying to soothe her and get her to go back asleep. I should have left her after a few minutes and not have stayed in there that long. But it was really hard to walk away when she was crying and upset.
Finally after about 15 minutes she settled down so I left her room. Within minutes she was crying again. So I waited 4 minutes and went back into her room. The third time after I left her, she started crying AGAIN so I waited 6 minutes. It takes all the strength you have to hear your baby crying and not tend to her right away. It's complete torture. I laid in bed just watching the minutes tick by until I could go in her room and save her.
But luckily, right at the 6 minute mark before I got up to go into her room, she stopped crying! And she fell asleep! I could not believe it. She didnt have her pacifier in or anything She fell asleep just completely on her own.

The nights following this night, she slept through the entire night without crying. It's like crying it out for just 6 minutes somehow taught her to self soothe.
My mommy friends told me it takes 3-4 nights and then they should have the hang of it and they will be "sleep trained." I think I just got really lucky that I didnt have to go through too much of the crying stage.

I will keep you posted on how the transition goes next week (I think we'll start Monday night) on sleeping in her crib without the dock-a-tot.
Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section!

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