Welcome to A Latte Culture! I'm MariTess and I started this blog in 2017 but I've been blogging by another domain since 2009. I wanted to start this new blog to focus more on lifestyle tips and tricks and also as a daily/weekly journal to my every day life. I love to write and I have been keeping a journal for myself since the 4th grade. But as technology improved and everything seemed to shift to the internet, I found myself writing in my journal less and blogging more.

I absolutely love the blogging community and I've been an avid supporter and reader of some of the most popular blogs for many years. I love being able to check-in every day to some of my favorite influencers and read not only helpful tips but also see a small window into their lives. 

I'm newly married and my husband and I just moved back to my hometown of Reno after 9 amazing years living in Los Angeles. 
I love fashion, makeup, cute home decor, organization and cooking BUT I love it in the most affordable and easiest way possible. 

I work in accounting but blogging and making Youtube videos is definitely my passion. 
I also love pop culture and keeping up with any and ALL celebrity drama.
"Another day another drama drama..." 10 points if you can guess who I'm quoting.

Thank you for stopping by my little space on the internet. xoxo

contact: alatteculture@gmail.com

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